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Southern Fried Weirdness: Reconstruction — Coming Soon!

May 12, 2011

Right now, this wepage is a placeholder for the upcoming charity anthology, Southern Fried Weirdness: Reconstruction. All proceeds will benefit The American Red Cross disaster relief efforts. Please come back soon. Purchasing information will be available shortly. I am currently putting the final touches on this anthology. The anthology will contain fourty-seven works of short fiction and poetry from forty different contributing authors. The content ranges from science fiction to Southern gothic to fantasy. There’s a healthy dose of magic realism and the surreal tossed in for good measure. Below is the table of contents and a link to the working cover:

Southern Fried Weirdness: Reconstruction_Working Cover

Table of Contents

Editor’s Note

I.             They Are Not Gone Forever by Stephanie Osborn

II.            God in the Sky by An Owomoyela

III.           Make Your Bed Downriver by Jens Rushing

IV.          Live Bait Works Best by Brian Rosenberger

V.            The Music of Bremen Farm by Mike Allen

VI.          Out of Natural by Jason Huskey

VII.         In The Days When Blocks Were For Tires, And The Dusk Chose A Sideways Approach by Jason Huskey

VIII.        In the Ghost Hours by Jason Huskey

IX.           The Old Man’s Sweet by Jason Huskey

X.            Planting by Mari Ness

XI.           Talking Alligator (Blues) by Sara Amis

XII.         Sisyphus Explains by Sara Amis

XIII.        Lady Glory and the Knave of Spades by Nicole Kornher-Stace

XIV.        Meditation on a Deer at Night by Berrien C. Henderson

XV.         Navel Gazing by T.J. McIntyre

XVI.        Directions by T.J. McIntyre

XVII.      Why by T.J. McIntyre

XVIII.     The Fisherman’s Tale by T.J. McIntyre

XIX.        Swimming in Old Spring by Eric T. Marin

XX.         Giant Cicadas and Other Odd Indignities by Dr. Philip Kaldon

XXI.        Billy Anne’s Box by Charlotte Jones

XXII.       Commander Perry’s Mystic Wonders Show by Jaime Lee Moyer

XXIII.     The New Elementals by Marshall Payne

XXIV.     Judy and Norman by Darby Harn

XXV.      The Moon and the Stars by Marian Carcache

XXVI.     Pride and Joy by Gustavo Bondoni

XXVII.    Square Hills by H. Courreges LeBlanc

XXVIII.  The Wind by Marcia Gerhardt

XXIX.     I Keep a Vine Woven Basket by the Front Door by Rae Bryant

XXX.       Up Above the Dead Line by F. Brett Cox

XXXI.     Annabelle Tree by Carrie Cuinn

XXXII.    Who Mourns for Washington by Fabio Fernandes

XXXIII.   Suffer the Rains by Craig Wallwork

XXXIV.  The Yearning of the Lighthouse Fairies by Brenda Blakey

XXXV.    The Groundskeeper’s Tale by Wendy S. Delmater

XXXVI.  The White Months by Christopher Woods

XXXVII. Your Enemies Will Devour You by Richard Thomas

XXXVIII.                The Moon and the Stars by Marian Carcache

XXXIX.   The Sweet Song of Canaries at Midnight by Jude-Marie Green

XL.          Nature Story by Walter Giersbach

XLI.         Alchemy by Michael Ray

XLII.       The Legend of Old Man Joad by Marsheila Rockwell

XLIII.      Hanging the Woman in Blue by Monette Chilson

XLIV.      Till Death Do Us Part by Kenneth Mark Hoover

XLV.       Neopolitician by Shaylen Maxwell

XLVI.      Utnapishtim on Friday After Dessert by Danny Adams

XLVII.    The Evidence of Things Unseen by Chuck Russell

Author Biographies

More Ways to Help

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  1. Brenda Blakey permalink
    May 13, 2011 12:35 am

    The cover makes quite a statement. Powerful.

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