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Things That I Done Liked In This Here Year

December 23, 2011

It’s time for my annual “best of” list in no particular order. As always, keep in mind not all of these items were released this year. This year just happened to be the year that I first enjoyed them:

1) Monsters
2) Pandorum (Pleasant surprise, that one … Maybe I enjoyed it so much because I expected so little.)
3) Mother
4) Rango
5) Insidious (I wasn’t a huge fan of the ending or explanations, but the creepiness factor was strong through the first two acts…)
Honorable Mention: Troll Hunter – a  Scandinavian horror-adventure with some great creature design. Not quite enough in the way of character development to make it a truly great movie (plus lots of distracting Blair Witch-style shaky-cam) but still fun.

1) John Fruciante — The Empyrean
2 J Mascis — Several Shades of Why
3) Fleet Foxes — Helplessness Blues
4) Spoon — Transference
5) The National — High Violet

1) The Wind-Up Girl —  Paolo Bacigalupi
2) Osama — Lavie Tidhar
3) Middlesex — Jeffrey Eugenides
4) A Confederacy of Dunces — John Kennedy Toole
For Number 5, I’m including two novellas: “One Brown Mouse” by Gary Braunbeck (Apex Publications), and “The Darkened Corner” by Tom Hamilton (Philistine Press).

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